Do you think banning Tiktok would solve the problems we are currently experiencing in the world? Absolutely not. 💯.  So, what should be done to resolve Tiktok being banned eventually. I have listened to the Ceo of Tiktok address the issue of #tiktokban, he promised of keeping data of every user safe and protected. In the long run that’s what the United States of America is fighting for. To be able to protect its citizens but in doing so millions of Americans would lose their livelihood,

business and freedom to explore and learn about their own business,  social networking and engagement and more other possibilities like income for business and creators.

It does seems like the positive side of Tiktok outweighs the negative side of shutting down #Tiktok even though the government are trying to do the right thing for the citizens. We are hoping that the house of representatives, congress members and Tiktok CEO would find a common ground to fix #tiktokban.